School Hours


School Start Time: 7:25 A.M.

School Day Ends: 2:50 P.M.

School Rules

In order to provide a safe, orderly learning environment for each student, procedures and rules of conduct must be established and followed. Every student is expected to abide by the rules of conduct outlined by the state of Louisiana, the Caddo Parish School Board, and E. B. Williams Stoner Hill. Our school has five rules and three expectations that every student must learn and follow:

Stoney's Rules

Follow Directions the First Time Given

Talk at Appropriate Times

Keep Hurtful Words, Hands, Feet, and All Objects to Yourself

Show Respect to Each Other, School Staff, and Parents

Use Self Control

Owl Expectations


Uniform Policy 



To enhance a safe and disciplined learning environment, all students must adhere to a mandatory school uniform policy. School uniforms, as defined by Caddo Parish Board Policy, refer to condormity in student dress. All E.B. White Stoner Hill Elementary Laboratory Professional Development School students will wear items from the following:


*The official uniform must be worn everyday unless otherwise notified in writing.  No items should hang below shorts, skirts, skorts, or jumpers.

*Our policy is mandatory.  Clothing should not deviate from the approved list. Please contact the school should you have any questions.

*New students to our school will have five (5) days to purchase and begin wearing the mandatory uniform.

*The official uniform may be purchased at Barksdale Air Force Base Exchange, Burlington, Ranchland, Wal Mart, JC Penney, Dollar Mania, Dollar General and Sports World. 

Accessories:  Boys and Girls:  White socks

                    Girls:  White or Navy tights

Shirts:  All shirts must be tucked in.

      Boys:   Oxford cloth button down-long or short sleeve, light blue or white

      Girls:   Blouse-light blue or white

      Boys and Girls: Polo shirt-long or short sleeve, navy, light blue, or white, any of our school t-shirts or sweatshirts

Pants or Shorts:  Belts must be worn with all pants/shorts with belt loops.   

Boys and Girls: Twill pants-khaki or navy

(no denim, no painters's, knit or cargo)

Girls: Shorts, Skorts, and Jumpers-khaki or navy

(no shorter than 2 inches above the knee)

Grading Scale

Grades are given in reading, math, language development (includes spelling, grammar, and process writing), as well as the other content areas. Conduct grades are given weekly at all grade levels. Check “Tuesday Folders” for a weekly conduct grade, graded papers, and notes. Progress reports are sent to parents at mid-nine weeks. Parents/legal guardians may access student grades and attendance through the online Parent Portal system. At the kindergarten level, students are not assigned grades.


100-93             A

92-85             B

84-75             C

74-67             D

66-0              F